Thursday, April 26, 2007

Word - Gr 10 Activity 6 on page 200

I showed my Grade 10 learners how to use the Tables and Borders toolbar. Have a look at the work done by Raeez Omar and Siraaj Arnold. Click on their names! They thought it was great fun using the tables and borders.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Word - Gr 11 Activity 9 on page 104

There are two ways to add borders to a table.

The first way is to select the cell/table and then go to Format, Borders and Shading, go to Styles and Apply to. The second way is to go to View, Toolbars, Tables and Borders and use the pen to draw the cell/table with whatever line style is required.

The second way is much easier to use and gives the clear borders found in Activity 9.

Mid year examinations

We are coming near to the mid year examinations and the learners need to start their revision. The following are my ideas for revision.

  1. Have all the work printed and in a file so that it can be picked up and carried away from the computer to any room in the house.
  2. Have the work arranged in the file/portfolio so that it can be seen quickly and not pulled out of a sleeve where it is squashed with other pages.
  3. For each chapter studied - Look at the LOs and ASs at the beginning of each chapter and create mind maps of key words / ideas covered in the chapter for each of the LOs and ASs.
    1. ‘Talk’ to somebody about each of the key words / ideas in each chapter.
    2. Look at each word in terms of the LOs and ASs.