Thursday, April 30, 2009


Today I turned 60. The learners were amazed that someone of 60, could use the computer. Age is no limit.
  • Age does not influence your thinking ability - Sydney Flowers (Gr 10)
  • Age is nothing but a number - Cindy Julie (Gr 10)
  • You are only as old as you feel - Keenan Sass (Gr 10)
  • Just because computers are new and modern, it does not mean that old people cannot use them - Nicole Fester (Gr 10)
  • You may be old in years but young in spirit - Nadia Khan (Gr 10)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Gr 12 PAT - Phase 1

Thank goodness for long weekends. I have finished marking Phase 1 of the Gr 12 PAT and have had time for reflection. What is clear is that the learners did not research their subject, and many created stupid questions. So many had the question ‘What will happen if all the appliances are switched off?’ Well, the answer – they CANNOT all be switched off – what about the freezer and security system? I had hoped that the work would be checked by someone who could think! I had hoped that by the time they reached me basic errors would have been corrected.
Marking this phase took a great deal of concentration and thought, and time. I have changed many many questions, and the learners will have to fix many more questions now in Phase 2. Well I am glad that the learners at least have begun.
It was not a good idea to have marked this with a 'let us see how weak/clever the learners are' attitude as the work is being marked in phases. They have to start and this got them going. My grade average was 66%. When the marks are accumulated the weak and bright learners will be obvious.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Order form for exam papers

Please complete this order form for exams and fax to Sandra. It is so nice to get good exam papers!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pictures from my holiday in Sudan

My Grade 11 learners are busy doing the section on Housekeeping and keeping files and folder neat, page 41. I gave the learners all the pictures I had taken on my recent trip to Sudan. We had a wonderful time looking at the pictures, renaming them and putting them into meaningful folders. A good lesson.
My Grade 10 learners are doing the section on the digital camera and where they work with Paint. We discussed my digital camera and how I used it on my holiday. They fiddled with Paint and the pictures.
I had a grand time showing my pictures and applying skills in a meaningful way.
I have started putting the pictures online - have a look for the link at the bottom of my web page. It is not finished yet!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Exam papers - Length

Have a look at the document about the length of exam papers.