Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Internet course

I am looking forward to the UCT Internet Super-User Course http://www.getsmarter.co.za/uct-internet-super-user which starts on 12 April.  The closing date for registration is 31 March, so it is beginning soon!  Whopee!  And the best thing about the course is that I can do it from anywhere, not have to travel anywhere on our roads which are undergoing BRT changes.

I always teach – Now I want to learn and grow.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Setting exam papers

I am really enjoying setting my exam papers for June.  For a long time I have used those set by Sandra and Co, but now am doing my own.  Inspiration has come!  It may leave me but for the moment I am alive with ideas.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have had a problem brought to my attention about the PAT: Schools which do not have Internet access.
First a school should not be offering Computer Applications Technology if they do not have Internet access but that is a different topic to the PAT and this posting is about the PAT.
Solution – A teacher at his/her own expense goes to a computer (at an Internet cafĂ© or wherever) which has Internet access and downloads suitable web pages. (The costs to the teacher – that is not the topic here – the PAT is.) Save them on a flash drive. Take the files to school and make them available to learners on the network or individual workstations. It is not the 'correct' way to do a PAT but is a solution. This is not an official opinion but my opinion.

Another problem with the PAT
We are meant to use many different sources for the PAT, not only focus on the Internet. For the Gr 12 PAT consider using Life Science textbooks as well as those of Consumer Studies, plus the learners should be encouraged to use the library, and that is from an ex-school librarian. For Gr 11 there have been so many articles on social networking sites in the local magazines and newspapers all listing their (bad) points. One just needs to collect them.
This year the PAT hardly needs the Internet to do the work, although the Internet is ONE of the suggested resources! For those schools without Internet access remember the Internet is just ONE of many possible sources.

Remember that CAT means greater job and enhanced job opportunities. We have such a huge responsibility to help learners fulfill their potential.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Flash drives

On an average day I pick up at least 2 flash drives left behind by careless learners in my computer lab. One learner has devised her own way to make sure she does not leave her flash drive behind. A good idea!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Wonders at the hairdresser

After having my hair washed at the hairdresser, like a robot, I walked over and sat down at a computer and logged onto the Internet. I only realised that I was in a hairdresser when I was tapped on the shoulder and informed that the computers were for the use of clients having a colour job and not for those in the salon for short periods of time, i.e. having a hair cut. So next time I go in to have a colour job I can surf, go to Facebook, check my mail, etc. at no extra cost. A most forward thinking salon owner. Lovely!
The keyboard fits neatly onto the shelf in front of the chair, and the LCD monitors have the CPU affixed to their backs. Each computer has an aerial for wireless connectivity. If you are in the area visit the Hair Zone in Parklands, Table View, Cape Town and have a look. It looks as if computers are becoming more and more part of our world!