Friday, July 31, 2009

Gr 12 Practical Examinations

Essential reading for managing the Grade 12 Practical examination - the September exam should be used as a trial run - Circular E19.
Important reading about School based assessment and NO MARKS - Circular E18.

Gr 12 Practical Revision en Hersiening - Recycling

My Grade 12 learners will be doing the DOE 2008 Practical Backup examination paper (Recycling) as revision - have a look at the Question paper, Data files, Memo and PowerPoint and in Afrikaans Question paper, Data files and Memo but no Afrikaans PowerPoint.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gr 12 PAT Phase 3

Here is a link to the PPT I am using for the Grade 12 PAT. For many of the learners they are now completing a crash course in PATting - this PPT has been useful. My learners have to hand in next week as we start Prelims exams on 3 August. I do not want to upload any examples, as last year my learners' work was found throughout the country!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Holiday in-service training course, PAT and Evaluating sources

I have just attended a great CAT teacher in-service training session here in the Western Cape. It was for a whole week in the holidays. What drew the teachers to attend such a course? – quality presentations where they could learn, as well as great teas and lunches! It was organised by a subject advisor. He also regularly organises a course before the start of the school year every January, as well as every June/July. This July course was focused on Operational Knowledge. Last year the June course focused on Advanced Applications. I estimate that 90% of the teachers in his area attended this July course. Good for him.
With regard to the PAT these URLs supplied by another Western Cape subject advisor are great on checking web sites for trustworthiness - and information in general -