Friday, August 28, 2009

Grade 12 PAT Phase 3

I have just been looking at some Phase 3 of the Gr 12 PAT. Here are some general comments.
  1. The graphs must be woven into the story/discussion. The graphs must NOT be in a section on their own. The graphs must help explain the discussion.
  2. There should be no need for any material in the report to come from any web site or copied from anywhere. The report is the result of an investigation into a problem. It is the ‘result’.
  3. The report should look professional! I have seen too many spelling mistakes, and the font in a document should be the same for all sections, and a heading 3 is smaller than a heading 1!
  4. A caption of a graph is not a story, and should not pretend to be a story. A caption is a ‘heading’ for an image. You talk about the evidence of the graph in the body of the text as part of the story.
  5. The conclusion should draw all the findings together and is a summary of all the work, and end with a final sentence giving the verdict (slotsom).

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Word Tabs

Important teaching ideas for Tabs
  • Type all the data, then select the data to start formatting
  • Using the tab dialogue box remove default values with ‘Clear all’
  • Only have ONE tab between text/things.


Excel is for clever people who do not like to waste time. I love the following features:
  • Autofill where I can pull down and the program ‘picks’ up and changes the values in the cells and formulas/functions
  • Absolute referencing so I do not have to type formulas/functions over and over again, and it stays fixed when formatted with F4.
Can you imagine doing the kind of calculations we do with Excel now, using a pencil and paper. For most it would be impossible or take a very long time.

PAT - Trustworthiness of sources

How do you assess the trustworthiness of sources for the PAT? Have a look at the PPT I am using with Grade 10. I expect the learners to check every source, not just every type of source. Try my idea and see if it works. Please indicate in the Comments if this is useful.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Gr 12 Practical Revision en Hersiening Memo

The correct English memo for Recycling will be uploaded tonight. Has been done!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Setting exam papers

Many grade 12 teachers are busy setting papers now. If you are going to set any examination paper please look at this presentation on how to set a CAT paper.