Thursday, November 15, 2012

Importance of ICT skills

Society is constantly impacted and changed by rapid developments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT). This requires of people to have the skill and ability to respond to these changes and to utilise ICT as an enabler - whether it is to facilitate socio-economic development, education, health or simply to live the lives we value. This skill (e-skills) is so important that many countries regard it as a basic human right.
The immediate question then, is: how is South Africa doing in this respect? In the 2012 World Economic Forum Networked Readiness Report, comparing 142 countries across the world, it is stated that: 'Despite counting on one of the most solid political and regulatory environments (23rd) and better framework conditions for entrepreneurship and innovation (50th) in the Sub-Saharan region, South Africa at 72nd place, is not yet leveraging the potential benefits associated with ICT. This situation is largely attributed to the high costs of accessing ICT infrastructure (82nd), and important shortcomings in terms of basic skills (94th) in large segments of the population.'
(Information from an invitation to an event at UWC.)
So what is being done about this shortcoming? Obviously more CAT must be taught at schools to rectify the situation.