Monday, May 31, 2010

Gr 10 Page - Page 86 - Activity 2 - Important words

  • CAP – amount of data (text, pictures, animations, video, sound, etc.) transferred (downloaded and uploaded)
  • Line rental – to Telkom
  • ADSL – type of line
  • ISP – Internet service provider
  • 384, 512, 1024 – different transfer speeds available
  • Kbps (speed) – kilobytes per second
  • Bundle – type of package available from an ISP
This activity is very tricky as there is no right answer and the information is actually difficult to find. Rather focus on the words found in the activity. Valuable in seeing that it is difficult to compare ISPs. (Cybersmart has an interesting deal for night people.)
But the learners should create a table where they compare information.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Google search criteria

Essential information on doing searches on Google.

Way of teaching

When we teach CAT we have to be very careful to teach the learners to explore the applications.  We should not give too explicit instructions on how to do things. Applications which we use change – they get updated, new versions are developed, we change the office suites, and we learn to use totally different applications to that taught in the CAT class.  We have to teach an exploratory and flexibility way of thinking and working – tricky to teach but it has to be done.  

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Page numbering - Odd and Even, and other things in Word 2007

If you do NOT want page numbers on page 1, then be ON page 2 or higher and insert page numbers. In Table Design check on Different First Page.

If you want page numbers on Left or Right, insert them on the specific side required AFTER checking Different Odd and Even pages in Table Design.

If you want the page numbers to start at 69, in Table Design, on the left hand side look at Page Numbers, Format Page Numbers, and check on where it should start.

You may have to redo a few steps if … It is NOT fluid. Do not bother with section breaks.

Page numbering - Odd and Even in Word 2007

There has just been a query about odd and even page numbering - Look at this solution.
  • Move cursor to first page.
  • Insert, Page Number, Bottom of Page.
  • Choose Plain Number 3 (because it is on the RHS - what you need for odd numbers).
  • All the numbers will appear on the RHS.
  • Right-click in the Footer section, Edit Footer.
  • Place cursor in Footer section of any EVEN page number.
  • Select, on the Design tab, the option Different Odd & Even Pages (in the Options group).
  • The even page numbers will disappear.
  • Insert, Page Number, Bottom of Page.
  • Choose Plain Number 1 (because it is on the LHS - what you need for even numbers).
  • Also explore all the exciting options with page numbering and images.
My learners have had great fun

Monday, May 17, 2010

Grade 12 PAT

I have worked hard on getting my grade 12 PAT correct. We are now working on Phase 3. Here is a link to that PPT that I am using. I am trying to get it *right*. I am now doing it in small bits.


Here is a very good article on how to create and manage passwords, must reading for every CAT teacher and learner.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Microsoft Office

Revamped Microsoft Office Will Be Free on the Web

For the first time, Microsoft will provide a free online version of Office that lets people store their documents on the Web rather than on their personal computers.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Excel 2007

I keep discovering new things with Excel 2007. In the past to change the format of a cell you had to go to Format … or right click Format cells … and it was a long process. Now all is on the ribbon.