Friday, February 19, 2010

Grade 11 PAT Phase 1

My Grade 11s are working so well on their PAT phase 1.  Why?  Because I taught them well last year, they have the long document on the PAT from national and they have the PPT I used last year ( ) The phases have changed slightly this year – so last year's phase 1 is this year's phase 2.   I have watched the learners – they found slide on what to hand in the most useful.  It is so nice to see the class working so well.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Office 2007

Have you tried mail merge in Office 2007 Word?  What a dream!  My Grade 12 learners did mail merge today - wonderful.  Even labels were easy.  And Activity 4 on page 103 forced them to revise addresses and tabs, as well as learn mail merge!  My learners saw the power of Word in this mail merge activity.  Grade 12 is the year of a few new skills and revision, revision.  CAT is such a valuable subject!

In-service training

How to keep up with technology in the field of CAT– I was asked that recently in an interview.  Well I paid, in dollars, to study online in the US a few years ago.  I also supervised M.Ed students which kept me up-to-date and still lecture part-time.  Now the University of Cape Town and are offering the 'UCT Internet Super-User Course' online where you can pay in rand!  Have a look at 

You may also notice that there is a discount for people coming from the same company.  So teachers get together and get a discount.  It looks really worthwhile.