Sunday, March 27, 2011

Office 2010

I have to upgrade from Office 2007. I have been online and phoning around looking at prices for Microsoft Office Professional 2010 and have found prices ranging from R4459 up to R5999. The local little computer shop have the best price! Such a huge range is unbelievable.  

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Gr 12 PAT and Access

For the Gr 12 PAT in 2011 learners have to collect some information via a survey. It is suggested that all survey information be designed to fit into a cell in a database. Information can easily be analysed using a database. Using a database it is very easy
  • to add data
  • to add valid data
  • to add data which looks as required
  • to extract what is needed with a query
  • to do calculations with records in a report
  • to make report look as we want it.

A group of teachers and I designed this PPT in 2003 and zipped to show learners how Access has features which can help with their PAT and data input, based on pages 165-169 of their textbook.