Thursday, October 29, 2009


My grade 10s and 11s are doing so much better at their PATs than the grade 12s mainly because of me, and because I learned from the grade 12s.

Today the Gr 10s started on Phase 3 and are sailing through it. They are sailing through it because they have everything at hand.

  • All information was collected in a folder (phase 1).
  • In phase 2 they evaluated the information and created a document with cross referencing to help with easy access. In phase 2 I also made them create graphs, copy the graphs into Word, add captions and describe what was displayed in the graph. In the planning document they had to indicate where each graph and picture would be used.
  • Now, in phase 3, they take the planning document and just slide information under headings, drop in graphs and pictures where planned and put it all together.

I have made PPTs as I went along explaining everything so carefully so that next year it will be so much easier. I have spent a great deal of time doing it in class and hope that the investment of time will show dividends next year. The only problem I have had with the rubrics is in phase 1 where too many marks, I thought, were given for the levels of questions.

And the learners have seen the value of doing a research project this way!

The Gr 10 and 11 PPTs which I am using for teaching are available here.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

ICT Expo

Read about this wonderful ICT Expo at Hoƫrskool Uitsig in The Reeds, Pretoria

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Gr 10

At the back of the Gr 10 text book is a section called FAQs. It has some really nice stuff, particularly converting text to tables and so many other cool things. Before exams, practical and written, I will definitely go over all the FAQs.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Gr 12 Practical exam

The Gr 12s have just finished writing their practical exam.  Thank goodness we have spent the last 5 weeks going over the 3 old papers.  I just hope it helped the learners.  We will find out in January 2010!

Friday, October 2, 2009

District 9 and Copyright

I was very disturbed to find a copy of the movie District 9 on a learner’s flash drive. Apparently it had been available at a LAN party. It seems that all the advertising about the theft of movies, at the start of movies in the cinema or on video, is just not going into the learners’ heads.
The theft / copyright of movies and computer programs is so similar and we teach that topic in Grade 10. It obviously was not taught well enough or … I wonder if in other schools learners also copy/steal movies. Is it widespread?