Saturday, March 22, 2008

Gr 11 Projects - Activity 1 on page 309

- The Gr 10 learners used the program Inspiration to create mindmaps to assist the Gr 8 learners in doing their projects in steps. I intend printing and laminating them to put in a visible area for the Gr 8 learners. Here is the work of

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Front covers of textbook

In the past photographs of my learners were used on the front covers of the CAT textbooks. They were so thrilled and even now they ‘look’ at themselves on the front. Other kids ‘look’ at their friend’s pictures! It was so cool!
I am looking forward to seeing what pictures have been sent for the new front covers! Details of how to take them and submit them are on the web site. The date for submission has been extended to 18 April.
Look at some of my entries! A grade 10 learner at home, and her brother.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gr 11 Integrated task 1

The learners need to be taught the difference between an Agenda and Minutes! In the Paired Reading task they cannot seem to get the difference!
I do recommned that learners are taught how to prepare an agenda so that they are able to realise that not all templates are correct and that they must evaluate them.
The templates and wizards in Word are much too involved and not of the level required.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Gr 12 February test

Have a look at my Gr 12 February written test on Hardware, software and networks including trouble shooting with the Appendix. I set the test within a school environment. Many learners lost marks as they did not answer their questions within that environment!

Judy Louw kindly translated the tests! Hier is die vraestel and die bylaag!

(This test is based on the order of work from my education department melded with the textbook.)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Appropriate dress for teaching CAT

When we teach CAT we have to be so careful with respect to our dress. We teach young men and women with bouncing hormones!
I have noticed short skirts and low dress lines (I cannot think of correct words). When we crawl around computer boxes and lean over learners to assist them, we must wear suitable clothes.
And our breath …

Gr 10 Theme 1 test

Here is the test I did this week where I focused on Theme 1. I tried to set it within a scenario and where ICT skills are applied. Use if you wish.
There is a question where learners have to compare things. This feature has repeatedly been done poorly in all grades I have tested. I must really teach them that tables compare like things.
If someone translates the test I do hope they will let me share it with others via the blog