Sunday, December 28, 2008

PAT based on Xmas shopping, or very similar to a PAT

Before you turn immediately to Amazon, or your favorite online shopping source, think briefly about your gift giving goals and prepare to make some considered decisions! Quick review….
  1. Big6 #1 - Task Definition - Select a suitable and pleasing gift for friends and family, on time and within budget.
  2. Big6 #2 - Information Seeking Strategies - Do you need gift advice? See online wish lists? Email a relative for ideas? Gather gift idea suggestions? Check what’s hot this year? Consult online sale flyers?
  3. Big6 #3 - Location and Access - Do you know where to find the gift? Narrow the possible online locations, check who has the item in stock? Compare pricing?
  4. Big6 #4 - Use of Information - Read online reviews, check prices, colors, sizes, determine if items are available or on back order?
  5. Big6 #5 - Synthesis - Add items to your online shopping cart! Select quantities, colors, and sizes if necessary. Be prepared with your plastic cards and specific shipping address information for online shopping. Select delivery timelines to meet your goals.
  6. Big6 #6 - Evaluation - Whew! You did it! Now you have time to get those other things done before the unwrapping big day!
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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Qualifications for a teacher or subject advisor

The 2008 Matric results will be released soon. I have no idea what they will be like but may I propose the following qualification for every CAT
  • teacher - Basic ICDL qualification OR a B.Ed. in CAT OR an ACE course in CAT, as a minimum
  • subject advisor or facilitator or whatever name the boss goes under - Advanced ICDL qualification in 4 packages, as well as management qualifications
I am aware that CAT is not ICDL but that is a starting point with respect to skills. The ICDL is my preferred qualification as it is recognised and valid. (My certificate number is ADV001 - passed Basic, and Advanced spreadsheets, Advanced presentations, Advanced databases and Advanced word processing.)

Here is hoping the results are …

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Examination dates

The Grade 12 dates for the final CAT examinations in 2009 have been announced:
Wednesday 07/10 - Speed Test (Optional) 8h00
Thursday 08/10 - Paper 1 (3hrs), Practical Speed Test (Optional) 8h00
Thursday 05/11 - Paper 2 (3hrs) 14h00
Here is a copy of the full timetable.

Saturday, December 6, 2008


Marking of the Gr 12 CAT examinations is taking place around the country. I am part of a group marking the Theory paper. What a wonderful experience it has been so far! So much bonding and learning about the subject and answering examination questions. I am sure that everyone is going to go home at the end of the period having benefited from the experience.
Here is a picture of the group of teachers in the Western Cape who marked the Theory Gr 12 paper in 2008.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Gr 10 and 11 examinations - Results

The CAT November examination results at my school:
Gr 10 - Theory 60% and Practical 66%
Gr 11 - Theory 42% and Practical 43%
In general one grade did little work, did not complete their class work, left their textbooks at home, did not complete nor hand in their PATs, spoke during my teaching - you guess which class.
In general one class did a great deal of work at home, brought their textbook to class, handed in their PATs and listened in class - you guess which class.
The learner's individual results accurately reflect what the examination was meant to assess. Hopefully the weak grade will take note of their results and take corrective actions.

I am looking forward to getting the 2009 PATs and planning my work for next year making sure all my learners work and the low marks are not repeated.

Enjoy the holidays when they start.