Monday, December 7, 2009

Comments on the blog

One of the nice things about this blog is that people can comment anonymously. However that wonderful facility has enabled spammers to post their material to the blog. These school holidays I will be away and not able to monitor and remove the spammers' material. So for this holiday, while I am sailing in a felucca and beyond the reach of the Internet, I will remove the Anonymous facility. Now you will have to have a Gmail account. Sorry, but it is only for the holiday period while I am in … (send the place as a comment!). The feature will be restored when I am near a computer. Have a wonderful holiday.

Social networking and Facebook

The Grade 11 PAT for 2010 on social networking is something that I really need to get to grips with. I will use Facebook to help me teach about Facebook, as Facebook is so now. Hopefully the learners and I will learn together with me guiding them and them showing me (up). Oh well! I have so much to learn about Facebook!

I have created the Grade 11 CAT at PHS group where the learners will have to discuss matters about Facebook. (Go to my Facebook called Pam Miller and ask to join the group. You will be able to see it but I will probably remove teachers in January.) I am not sure how I will force the learners to contribute to the discussion – maybe adapt the given rubric – which I am sure we are permitted to do. I have found the page Facebook in Education very useful.