Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gr 11 PAT - Value of OMEWA for revising

By using the features of Word, Excel and Access themselves and talking about it with their neighbours the learners processed the skills again and again! We write on Thursday and it will be interesting to see how they do.

When they created the survey in Word they revised tabs and tables.

They went through the list of functions available in Excel trying to find something they could understand and something suitable for solving the problem they had set.
They saw that when data in a cell changed there were changes elsewhere in the spreadsheet.
They revised the way of typing a cell phone number in a cell.
They created graphs to show the results of every question in the survey – created a graph for every question – revised graphs for every question. They fiddled with the types of graphs to find the one suitable for their needs – revised types of graphs.
They put graphs on worksheets and renamed the sheets – revision again.
They revised every aspect of Excel in doing their PAT on Omewa.

They used Access themselves and had to decide on the datatypes and field sizes themselves – saw that they could not type anything anymore because the field size was too small. Had to change the field types to suit their needs – the date was a problem which many had to redo. They used the memo type for the descriptions of their animals. Creating the table they revised tables.
Doing their own queries they revised queries.
They used grouping and calculations in the reports and revised this.
When they created their forms they revised the layout of forms.
When they used photographs in the form they revised their knowledge of inserting images, i.e. from a file or copying and pasting.
They revised every aspect of using Access. (After doing all the activities in the Gr 11 book and their PAT on Omewa the learners cannot understand all the fuss about Access as it appears so logical and easy to use.)

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