Monday, May 18, 2009

Exam considerations

I have been looking at old exam papers. Problems come to mind:
  • Our learners do not have bank accounts where they can experience Internet banking. We should teach it using real banking, but keeping our financial details private – tricky!
  • Our learners have not experienced dot matrix printers, something all older CAT teachers know – how do we show it to our learners or how do we demonstrate it?
  • Our learners have not experienced stiffy disks, something all those from affluent schools and ‘modern’ homes do not know – how do we show it to our learners or how do we demonstrate it?
These are all questions which older CAT teachers know and regularly put in examination papers, but have difficulty teaching to our young people.
And found on a paper – May a school … Learners mix it with Can a school … Learners should know the difference between Can and May!


Anton van Kampen said...


You really have a point there. I have my own small way of dealing with this. I just made a post on my blog about this. Just follow the link:

The specific post is at:

Just copy and paste the URL to your web browser.

Thanx for this blog Dr. Miller. It really is nice to see all of the interesting information on it! Hope my little post can help somebody out there!

Anton van Kampen said...

PS. I just added a link for a cool solution to the Internet Banking problem to the same post as above. I hope it may be as useful to someone else as it was to me!


Anonymous said...

Dankie vir die videos. Gaan beslis almal vir kinders in die klas wys.

Dr Pam Miller said...

Helping and sharing - thanks to Anton!