Tuesday, June 21, 2011

How to teach in a CAT lab – how not to tire yourself

I have had the pleasure of observing a number of CAT lessons and reading what CAT teachers think of CAT. These comments are based on this.

In the CAT lab, whatever you do, when you give instructions you must see the ‘face’ of every learner. You must be able to eye ball them, and they must see your eyes and if necessary be able to read your lips. This is absolutely crucial if you do not want to tire yourself having to repeat instructions.

In the CAT lab the air conditioner needs to be set so that all learners can hear the teacher comfortably, without the teacher shouting.

In the CAT lab all learners must be on time for a lesson. You should only have to give an instruction once, all learners should be in the room when you give the instruction, and all must be able to hear/see you giving the instruction the first time.


Hannes said...

Ek stem saam!! Die leerders moet ook hulle screens afsit wanneer iets verduidelik word of instruksies gegee word, anders luister hulle nie!!

Anonymous said...

Om skerms af te sit, gaan kyk na ITalc. Nice program!