Saturday, January 28, 2012

Digital piracy and the Kindle

After much soul searching I returned the flash drive with 1000's of books on it. I did not take any of the books for my Kindle, although I would have loved to. I chatted to lady who had given me the flash. I was informed that many many persons had downloaded those (book) files and you can get them on the Internet. I have been so busy writing (a book) this last year that the world has passed me by and I had not heard about all the 'free' books available. It is not right! We chatted – she began to think. The e-book publishers will have to do something to curb this piracy. Read this interesting article -


cat@gc said...
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cat@gc said...

I had to delete my previous comment (sorry) I purchased a Gobi e-reader for my wife as a Christmas present. I included a note that she has half the present as I will give her my credit card details and she may purchase books on line for a certain amount. I felt at the time that we celebrate the birth of Christ with present to loved ones and how can one download "free" books? I will definitely use this comment to be a real life experience when I address piracy issues with the Grade 10's. Thank you for posting this.

Dr Pam Miller said...

You are a nice husband and a good person. I wish there were more men like this! ;-)