Sunday, May 27, 2012

Setting exam papers

One of the interesting consequences of the CAPS document is that every school has to do the same work in every term in a particular subject and grade. This means that every school can now very easily swop/buy/get quality papers, knowing that the work covered in every paper would correlate with the work which was meant to be taught, or can set their own exam papers.

I do not believe a 'single' person can set a quality paper, covering all the required content, on a meaningful theme, at the correct cognitive levels.

These thoughts came to me after perceiving the dreadful stress levels of teachers, listening to subject advisors discussing the exam requirements in their districts and the job of moderation of exam papers, and looking at the wonderful CAT papers set by Study Opportunities. In the end smart teachers must do what they have to do.


Dr Pam Miller said...

Question - should schools where there is a good standard and learners do well, be forced to change their successful ways?

Anonymous said...

Definately not, providing that the learners really know and understand the subject content and can apply the skills - i.e. taught properly and not trained or coached to only be able to do what is in the question paper to do well in exams.
Unfortunately matric results do not always indicate the difference