Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Thank goodness

Thank goodness for CAPS and the PAT. Thank goodness for a document, i.e. CAPS, which spells out exactly which must be taught in each grade and for the PAT which revises so many aspects of the practical work.

I was called in in the middle of the 1st term to teach a grade 12 class at an unnamed school. Every practical lesson, e.g. mail merge (Word), working with dates and times (Excel) and calculations in queries and reports (Access) has brought to my attention that basics are missing.  (These topics were taught in the first term as they are suggested in the grade 12 textbook I am using.)

I am now working on phase 1 of the PAT. I am aware that it should already have been done but …
Today I am so excited. The learners were expected to but could not, but they learned

  • how to insert a section page break 
  • the difference between portrait and landscape orientation 
  • how to convert text to a table 
  • how to insert a column to an existing table 
  • how to insert a row to an existing table 
  • change case 
  • the difference between a heading and a sub heading 
In the past this class did not have a textbook. The teacher used and did what she wished, I think. In future, with CAPS, it will be clearly defined what should be taught, per grade and per term so a teacher can be held responsible for work not taught in a particular grade.

Thank goodness for CAPS. Thank goodness for the PAT as it gives one an opportunity for doing revision. Thank goodness for a Department of Education for supplying approved CAPS textbooks to schools.


Dr Pam Miller said...

Felt good today. Taught Gr 12 how to use tabs for drawing a line the width of a page, columns and using a symbol as a bullet. They found Wingdings - had not seen it before.

thoughtskaleidoschope said...

Amen! Thanx to the CAPS the substitution teachers can fall in & know what content to cover.