Friday, July 26, 2013

Value of CAT

I met a neighbour recently who told me with great pride that her daughter was doing, at great expense, a well-known computer course and writing and passing with 90+% their exams. She hopes to get a job with the qualification. She had passed Excel, Word and PowerPoint. The course was a textbook with a DVD with data files. She was studying on her own. I listened as a good neighbour does.
I gave the daughter some quizzes on Excel from the Gr 10 textbook which she could not do! It is costing her so much money. It appears to me that the test marks are not valid and she still knows so little. She will not get a job with that qualification. I wish learners valued the CAT work done at school and that more learners took the subject of CAT.


Sandra said...

I wish the Edu Dept will do more to enlighten tertiary institutions about the scope of the CAT syllabus so that they will accept CAT as a qualifying subject to gain entry. At the moment many learners do not want to take CAT because they fear not earning enough points to be accepted at university.

Anonymous said...

I saw an article from Prof Jonathan Jansen on Matt's Facebook and something about the value of CAT.
Why not write to prof Jansen outlining a case for CAT?
Invite him to Matt's Facebook and this blog. He is a sensible man and prominent figure. Maybe he could write an article about CAT!