Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Gr 12 June Practical exam mark sheets and solutions


Unknown said...

Hi Team
I appreciate the time and effort that is spent drawing up the question papers.
When I looked at the theme of the question paper, however, I was a bit concerned as I know of somebody, not at the school, who can't handle even looking at pictures of snakes.
During the exams a learner put up her hand and asked "Sir, why did you have to choose snakes!?" Anyway, I spoke to her, asking whether it was only the pictures and not the text that she was phobic to. She could handle the text she said. I then quickly replaced her pictures on the network with penguins and other non -scary animals but left the text as is. That did the trick in this case.
Just something to consider next time.
Andy Goosen

Sandra Jacobs said...

Hi Andy

Thanks for your input. The choice of theme and illustrations can be quite challenging to make an acceptable and ‘neutral’ theme for all pupils and circumstances. We admire your quick think in terms of substituting the photos!

We will take your comments ‘on-board’ with us when we set future rounds of examinations. Anything that contributes to making our papers a better product is well received.

Best wishes