Sunday, October 25, 2015

Rethink subjects

While government is planning how to manage no increase in university fees and how to get money to universities and unhappy hungry students, this would be a good time to rethink the required subjects for a matric and a Bachelor pass, a requirement for studying at university. 

CAT and Tourism are not in the designated list for a Bachelor matric pass. Getting to university and the hoped for way out of poverty with a degree and coping with poor teaching in under resourced schools, learners stay with subjects on the designated list. They cannot afford to gamble with their subjects. We know they only have to do 4 from the list but just in case they do all their subjects from the designated list. So they do not do subjects which they could use to help them succeed at university or starting their own businesses. 

Dear authorities please rethink the position of CAT and Tourism!  Thank you.


Yonela Palesa Bele Moopelwa said...

Just last week I thought of creating an online petition for the officials to reconsider making CAT a designated subject. May I, with your permission, use this blog entry as the synopsis for the online petition. After creating the petition, I will paste a link to the petition's page on all CAT blogs and resource websites. Maybe we can be able to reach 1000 signatures.

Dr Pam Miller said...

You may certainly use my blog entry but NOT have my name NOR that of Study Opportunities.

Please also add the subject Design, as that is also so useful and not on 'the' list.

Good luck. One can only hope. I do not think you will win but maybe more parents will get their children doing useful subjects, and schools rethinking their subject selection.