Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gr 11 PAT - Phases 1 and 2

I have started with my PAT on Omewa so that I have information to share with others so they do not make the same mistakes as I do.
I gave my learners the PAT today. I explained that Omewa was thinking about getting technology and possibly Cybertracker. They would have to find 1. How such a tracking system could help Omewa 2. How Omewa could use such a tracking system 3. How they can PROVE to management how the tracking system can help Omewa 4. How they can PROVE to Omewa how they can use the tracking system. They had to use Excel, Access, Word, a fourth package and do a survey.
They seemed to take it in their stride! Fine, no problem! All the suggestions of what to do with Excel and Access, and the survey, seemed superfluous. They went online to look at tracking devices and Cybertracker, and on the different web sites they found so many ideas that they can use for databases and spreadsheets and the whole PAT. I know it is going to go well.
On the Cybertracker web site the learners found a picture of a man in the Namib desert using a PDA. They laughed – they were then given a lecture on what is meant by literacy. You guess what the picture was!
They have two weeks to complete Phases 1 and 2, doing it simultaneously while we are continuing with the textbook.

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