Friday, April 18, 2008

Gr 12 PAT Phase 3

I had a brainwave for Phase 3.

The learners have all the information / evidence they have found in their LONG document arranged in a suitable order.

Have a table or list of all the questions at the BEGINNING of the document.

  1. IN the long document repeat each question with its accompanying answer. LINK between the questions at the beginning and their questions/answers in the body using Bookmarks and Hyperlinks (Gr 12 textbook, page 118-119)
  2. Add information in a small table under EACH question/answer in the body of the document with respect to the
  • Evaluation of the trustworthiness of the websites or information
  • Relevance of the information
  • Indication of which information will be used
  • Reasons why this information will help solve the problem
of EACH question.
Submit in digital AND print/hard copy format.


Anonymous said...

Sounds excellent! I foresee that this phase will be quite a challenge to mark, but your idea may facilitate the marking process.

Anonymous said...

What a meaningful way to address phase 3. Having one long document with screen dumps, etc. nicely bookmarked instead of a file of loose documents! This will indeed facilitate the marking of the phase.


Anonymous said...

This is problem-solving! This is the kind problems CAT learners should be able to solve: being taught all the wonderful techniques and functions of Word should help to understand how to use it to solve a problem like this. Then we are achieving something great - learners that can think!
I would like to see one or two such type of problem-solving questions in the CAT papers.

Anonymous said...

I know we are all focusing on the PAT but we need a practical task 2 this term as well and the one on the grade 12 CD does not fit the requirement in the School Base Assesment document from GDE at all. Has anyone come up with a suitable task to cover the requirements? Without taking the students through the same steps that we are already doing in the PAT all over again...

Anonymous said...

I think cat is not foreflling its point, expecially in the projects, PAT has become more a business "project management" than computers...

This is because, a PAT can be done on basically PAT just helps with typing skills, its pointless.

Dr Pam Miller said...

May I make a suggestion. If you say something which goes against the current thinking and is quite controversial, may I suggest that you give your name.
The last post, I do not understand.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Phase 3 is a bit overwhelming. Anybody started Yet?

Anonymous said...

we shuld learn more about computers them self then learning how to use word powerpoint and useles aplications like that