Thursday, April 24, 2008

Knowledge of input devices

In the Practical work for CAT in Gr 10 the LPG (page 28) indicates that the learner should have knowledge of input devices such as scanner and digital camera.
Well, we have just had a scanner installed and I will soon create lessons which will compel each learner to use a scanner.
With regard to the digital camera it was easier but not without problems. Each learner had to get photographs of themselves using technology. The pictures were all collected in a folder on the network and named accordingly. I organized a lesson where they will have to use pictures of themselves. Those learners who did not bring a photograph of themselves will have to select the EmptyCan or HotAirJustPromises files.
Learners took photographs using digital cameras and cell phones. They then transferred the pictures to the computer. One learner Bluetoothed his picture to my cell phone! I have also learned how to transfer files from my cell phone to my laptop!
In the Gr 11 Theoretical aspects the learners have to have operational knowledge of mobile technologies – I am learning how to use my cell phone and will soon create work which requires use of the cell phone.
Gr 11 also requires operational of networking – that still awaits investigation.


Simone said...

Sorry to be leaving a message here. My gmail account is down.

We are looking for the answers to Activities 10 pg 55 in book 2 Computers part of your life textbook
Activity 5 pg 71

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Book 2
Activity 5 on page 71- Solutions are on the CD under Theme 2 MobileTech.

I will have to look for the solutions for Activities 10 on pg 55.

Dr Pam Miller said...

Hi Simone
If you follow the Study Guide, you will see that that section is done under TOPIC 10 in THEME 2.

So you will find the solution in the subfolder for topic 10 under Theme 2.