Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gr 10 and 11 June exam papers

Many people have just realized that I made an offer of my Grade 10 June exam papers. To test that email to all the prospective recipients of the paper would work, I sent out my Grade 11 paper. I have managed to get all lists in order and am ready to send out when the Gr 10 papers are ready.

No more people will be added to the list. Sorry. The current list stands as it is, now. If you have received an email from me, I have your details and you will receive the paper.

I am now frantically marking and do not have any more time to administer and organise the sending out of my Gr 10 and 11 papers to new people. The Gr 10 papers will be available next week.

The schools who managed to contact me in time were lucky, the papers were free and had the problems ironed out. I will give out details of how many school used the papers after they have been written. Remember security is your problem!

My learners have enjoyed doing the papers.


Anonymous said...

Since I've been dumped & Swamped with my school's IT workload as well (the IT facilitator resigned), I've been so eager to follow your breakdown of the work for the grade 11 & 12 - you are a life saver with your excelent work
Thanx a lot

Lorelei said...

Thank you so much for all the support. I am sorry I didnt know about the Grade 10 & 11 papers. Please can you let me know for the next exam.

I am looking forward to the Grade 12 papers.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the help on your blog. I didn't know about the Gr. 10 and 11 papers. Please can you let me know for the next exam.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! Although I am using this book exclusively for my grade10s I was unaware of this site. So obviously I missed the posting list! If anyone out there has pity on a struggling teacher pls can u email me the gr10 exemplar?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the information wrt CAT. I've put them to good use. Is there anyone out there that could please send any information wrt IT Gr12, I would greatly appreciate it.

The IT teacher resigned last year, the school could not find any IT teacher (they are scarce you know) and I got the load + LAN administrator and I had to learn FAST!!

A teacher in our vicinity (paid by the school) teaches the kids programming (JAVA)(of which I don't know anything) twice per week for 1 hour.

Could anyone please tell me whether there is an IT textbook for Gr12 on theory. At the moment I am using a Gr11 IT Theory book of items that I recognize in the exemplar.


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