Saturday, May 3, 2008


Dear Eskom Boss
I have to set a 3 hour practical paper for CAT for grade 11. My school has made the timetable and will not change the days. I have to have 2 back to back sessions because I have so many learners.
I planned to have a 3 hour paper but your organisation is causing problems. Based on some reports, some days in the month of May have been designated as power outage days where we have no power between 12 and 2.30. My Grade 11 practical examination will be on one of those days. This means that 2 sessions have to written before 12 noon. We cannot split the sessions as the learners may not communicate with each other.
I can manage to write on that day only if the paper is cut to 2 hours, and we start my paper 30 minutes before school officially starts.
But now I have heard that power outage days are going to come to a stop.
I have set the paper but the paper and the organisation to write it, may have to change, as you change your mind. These are problems I do not need. Clarity is needed.
CAT teacher

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