Thursday, July 17, 2008

Gr 11 - Third term assessment task

In the third term Grade 11 have a task, Item 5 in SAG : Assignment using additional package. It is based on using PowerPoint or FrontPage and is about cell phone use.
This task is one of the best I have yet seen. The learners have to think and it is within their sphere of interest. They are doing real Internet searches! Luckily I am on the part-time staff of a university and am able to access academic online journals and databases (Science Direct) through their library. The learners have also matured and are not putting all their information on the slide, rather just key words.
The learners are also required to create a document describing their strategy based on pages 306 to 308 of their textbook. This is such nice preparation for their PAT.
On the CD there is an assessment sheet but a colleague and I made this one before I found it there.

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