Monday, September 15, 2008

Grade 11 PAT - Phases 1 and 2

I have just marked Phases 1 and 2 of the Grade 11 PAT.
  • The first challenge, and this part of the PAT is deciding on what is required! My learners had difficulty clarifying what was required.
  • The table, indicating what questions need to be asked was not complete! They did not add the survey, database or general questions. They also did not indicate the category of each question.
  • The survey was well done, with a first section and then questions on specific types of social networking applications.
I am going to show mine this PowerPoint and make them redo the whole of Phase 1 and 2.


Unknown said...

With reference to the Access database with 30 records..... My learners have problems with identifying what information is to be used.... Help??

Rhenish Girls' High

Unknown said...

Die leerders werk baie fluks hulle geniet die tema. Dankie vir al die moeite met opstel daarvan.

Anonymous said...

Ask the teacher!!! :-)

Unknown said...

Tourism it is atraccting

Unknown said...

Can anyone assist me with my tourist pat phase 1 matric

Unknown said...

Please help with my pat

Dr Pam Miller said...
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Dr Pam Miller said...

For help with the PAT I suggest that contact another CAT teacher, possibly via the Facebook group 'CAT & IT teachers South Africa' It is a closed group. You will have to explain your need.
Best wishes