Thursday, September 4, 2008


Week with service providers, power and computer problems.
  • Friday – No Gmail or Google access from home computer. Links on blog not working – service provider hosting blog has had a hard drive crash so data not available.
  • Saturday morning - Phoned my Internet service provider, overseas connection down. Went to Internet café to check Gmail. Links on blog not working.
  • Saturday evening – Storm in Cape Town, power down, sat at laptop with candles marking Grade 12 practical papers until laptop’s power was used up. Links on blog still not working.
  • Sunday – Power up. Overseas connection up so Gmail and Google working. At 11 power went down, trees on line, until 5.
  • Monday – Go to work. Internet at school not working. Links on blog still not working.
  • Tuesday – Internet at school not working. Links on blog still not working.
  • Wednesday – Internet at school working. Service provider hosting blog says I can upload all the work again.
  • My home service provider – Overseas connection went down for over 24 hours
  • Service provider hosting blog – Hard drive crash
  • School’s service provider – I do not know what their problem was but believe it was first their problem then a Telkom problem.
  • Eskom – Two power interruptions in 48 hours. One reason unknown to me. Second untrimmed tress falling on line.
Conclusion and recommendations
  • Will upload to site hosting blog links over weekend and use up all my CAP.
  • Encourage more people to use Gmail which can be accessed via a cell phone even though overseas connections may be down.
  • Will laugh at things I cannot change.


Anonymous said...

These are the times when teaching any subject with a blackboard looks like an inviting prospect!!!

Angela said...

I like your last comment - makes life's little curve balls so much easier to handle!