Sunday, November 1, 2009


The internet is wonderful! Last week I could not walk my dogs properly as one is just too old to keep up. Having one dog pulling and one who cannot walk and needs to be carried, is not fun. I recalled what the vet physio had told me to do some months ago to do – buy a pet stroller.
I went online to search for one and found some on Gumtree. I did a further search and found an online shopping site for pet supplies. I found what I wanted on the site. Recalling the PAT and trustworthiness I looked for details - the site did not look ‘smart’ so … I phoned them and a voice replied – yes it was an active site. I had to pay – I looked for signs of security – I paid by EFT although the Thawte key was there. It was delivered to Cape Town and I received a call to fetch (save on delivery costs). Well it costs about the same as a wheelchair, but we can walk. And we have walked! She is picked up and put in the stroller at home, and walked to a quality place to play, where she is lifted from the stroller, for play time. Look at the pictures a friend and I took. She was happy from the first day.
The lesson – get it online!

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Claudie Fredrickson said...

Now I've seen everything! That is too precious. :)