Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Gr 11 or 10 PAT PPTs

The Gr 11s are producing the best PPTs ever for their PATs.  I gave them a PPT with the following slides:  Title slide, Habits/Uses, Solution1, Solution2, Solution3 and Conclusion. All the required information had to go on those slides. 


  • Title slide – wording is the introduction
  • Habits/Uses – Put in 4-8 small graphs to indicate the habits/uses
  • Solutions – Made the title of the slide, the solution. Then added suitable graphic.  Few words. Had to link with habit/use at our school.
  • Conclusion – the short punch line

To comply with rubric and the fact that somethings do not go together, they made three PPTs

  • Basic - with notes
  • Animated - maybe with sound, looping, with animations and transitions
  • Table of contents - with hyperlinks and action buttons, no sound, animations OFF 


catheran said...

Please dr. Muller can you please place some of your gr.10's and gr.11's pats on your blog. It helps to stay on track

Dr Pam Miller said...

I am still thinking about it.

Unknown said...

Could you please upload an example of a student's Gr10 PAT. It's my 1st year of teaching and my learners in a township, under-resourced school have a difficulty visualizing how the final product should look like. Exams are just about finished and I am still waiting for their PAT submission, can you imagine?

Please reconsider your aid. Thank You

Mariëtte said...

Can you please e.mail me the gr 11 PAT of 2009.

Thanx a mil!!!

Dr Pam Miller said...

Just sent. Glad to be of help.