Monday, January 17, 2011

Teacher activity no 1 - Identifying learners

Knowing learners’ names is an essential tool for an effective teacher. There are many ways to learn names - this activity will help you put names to faces and to seating positions in a classroom.
  • Take photos of learners with a digital camera or mobile phone.
  • Transfer the photos to the computer using USB cable or Bluetooth.
  • Arrange images in suitable folders with meaningful names.
  • Create a seating plan of the classroom and insert the images into the places where the learners usually sit and their names, aligning the images and the text meaningfully OR insert the learner's name on each image and arrange the pictures on a page where the learners usually sit.
  • Submit a class seating plan as an attachment, of a grade 11 CAT class with teacher name and school to by Friday 21 January - date extended to 28 January.

All plans will remain confidential. Creator of first completed seating plan submitted will be commended. OR send me an email indicating what of the above you are not technically able to do, and I will create a learning object to help you and others do that.


Dr Pam Miller said...

This is using the skills that CAT teachers have to teach their learners. Learners would love to help with this and the camera/cell phone aspect/activity.

BGR said...

Pam this is such a great idea. I am going to do it with all 3 grades. I have one class per grade and I think they'll have fun. Have a lot of new Grade 10's (new in school) and it will make a lovely icebreaker. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello Pam. I have an IPad, and there is a great App for teachers that makes a seating plan setup so simple. The free App is called TeachingPal.

Dr Pam Miller said...

I am looking forward to seeing what is produced. Please send me a copy.

Dr Pam Miller said...

Maybe zip the file before you send it

Dr Pam Miller said...

Nothing has been submitted yet. Should I give it one more week?

Erin said...

That would be great, sorry this is the first time I am visiting the blog this year..its alwasy crazy the first term!! I was telling my learners about you, and how you really should get recommendations for all you do for us..I am only 6 years into my teaching career and you are a real role model... Thank you for inspiring us!