Sunday, January 30, 2011

Teacher activity no 2 - Posters for managed environment

Clear posters/instructions are an essential part of any managed environment. This activity will help create those posters for cleaning duties, different recycling bins, window duty, printer management, classroom rules, goals, expectations, etc.

  • Create a long word file in which to create all the posters
  • In a footer or header insert the school badge OR classroom name/teacher name in a corner, as a form of identity, to appear on all poster pages
  • Have one idea per poster page
  • Space the text so that all posters present a uniform layout with clear writing
  • Use a clear font such as Arial for clear readable text
  • Use WordArt with a clear design and no shadow, for readable text
  • Use text, borders, tables, SmartArt, WordArt and images to help express / present the instructions
  • If you use borders be sure to adjust the footer with the school badge so that it remains visible
  • Submit a the long file of posters as an attachment with teacher name and school to by Friday 4 February.

Creator of first completed poster file submitted will be commended. OR send me an email indicating what of the above you are not technically able to do, and I will create a learning object to help you and others do that.

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Dr Pam Miller said...

After Prof Jansens's talk I added some examples to the kind of posters suggested for a class.