Monday, September 19, 2011

Searching in Windows 7

Here is a screencast (video) in MOV (8 MG) and WMV (6 MG) file format on doing a search in Windows 7.
Here is a different screencast in the form of a PowerPoint presentation in doing a search in Windows 7 in MOV (3 MG), WMV (3 MG) and Flash with a quiz (2 MG) format. Download or look at online.
Please let me know which of these 5 files presents the information the best. Which is these is best to use for teaching? Thanks


hibamo3tsim said...

i like the first video (8 MG), the begging look more clear and attractive than the flash format.
but am afraid am not honest cause my player doesn't work with two of the videos.
thanks for sharing.

AKriher said...

Could you tell me which program you use to capture your screen? I've tried various ones and all the results come out very large because I try to keep the icon names readable. Your does that but is very small in comparison. Please advise your process?

Pierre de Wet said...

flash video is good, and viewable with IrfanView. Small enough to download. Thank you very much.