Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gr 11 Book

 Look at the front covers of the Gr 11 CAPS book for CAT. The models look good. The contents of the book is even better.


Anonymous said...

Look forward to another outstanding book from Study Opportunities!

Your experience and willingness to go the extra mile for us CAT teachers will make us customers for life!

Viva Study Opporunities Viva!

Anonymous said...


My learners have started with some of the problem solving in the Grade 10 book. Very good and challenging. Some struggle, but they learn a lot. My famous answer when they struggle comes from the teacher guide, Module 7.2, Hints and Strategies, bullet 4:
"It is OK to struggle", then I add: :it's what you do about it that matters"
This is good revision and challenges them to THINK and work out strategies, refer back to the modules, ask questions.

Saves me much time not having to think out these myself!