Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Videos on the Gr 10 CD-ROM

I have the pleasure of teaching a part-time B.Ed. Hons CAT class at a local university. Many of the students teach CAT. I have never told the class of my connection with a CAT textbook publisher although some may know.
Today I showed them a video on tabs emphasising how tabs should be done, with distances and temperatures, etc. Many of the students recognised the activity as coming from the Study Opportunities Gr 10 textbook.
In the discussion it became apparent that they did not know about the videos on the Gr 10 CD-ROM! They will now go and get that CD and explore it further! The videos are so good for learners and teachers to learn aspects they may not know, or so the class thought. They also thought they were good for lesson preparation.


Anonymous said...

Die video's is uitstekend! Hoop dit word volgende jaar uitgebrei na Gr.11! My leerders ken al vir die Engelse tannie Pam.

Dr Pam Miller said...

En het jy al the PPTs by die Sandra se Graad 10 eksamen gesien? Hulle sal ook die leerlinge help as hulle daardie vraestel vir hersiening gebruik.
Tannie Pam

thoughtskaleidoschope said...

Hi there PAM
I've been using your wonderful grade 10 video's for grade 12 revision. Outstanding - according to those rade 12 kiddies who actually watched them.

Anonymous said...

Video's baie oulik! Gebruik dit graag. My probleem is dat die tyd so min is. Kry julle alles gedoen en ingeoefen?

Anonymous said...

Excellent textbook with excellent resources. The teacher's work is made so easy!
I find the teacher's guide excellent and very helpful as well.
Everything speaks of thoughtfulness and care for the subject, learners and teachers.

Well done and thank you!

Anonymous said...

Have to agree!
I think the best part of the TB is the well thought trough activities. I love them and for me it is the excellent activities that distinguish Computers Part of Your Life from other textbooks. A friend of mine that chose another book copies these for her learners as according to her they have not enough or such nice ones. I think she could pull her hair because of her choice.

Anonymous said...

Sjoe! Is this ethical? (previous comment)
Why did they choose the other book?
Because the exercises are easy and learners can easily do the one exercise and get it right, then they (and the teacher) 'think' they have mastered the content?
Practise makes perfect - that is why your book is the best! (and it saves paper and time setting or copying other stuff to supplement.