Sunday, March 17, 2013

Calculated queries and reports in Access

It is so interesting watching grade 12 learners trying to work out how to do calculated queries and reports in Access using fields (NCS Grade 12, not CAPS Grade 12). I had hoped that those who had done Maths Literacy would sail through the section about profit, percentage increase, etc. but that has not happened in the class I have. It is in their Maths Lit curriculum but they seem to have difficulty transferring those concepts to the computer class. This seems to indicate that the Maths Lit concepts have not been successfully learned or internalised. Maybe the learners who have gone through the CAPS curriculum will find it easier, one can only hope.


Dumee said...

Well the saddest story is that even the pure maths learners are struggling. they sometimes get it during the lessons but usually get confused what the question requires during assessment.

Anonymous said...

Teachers expect MORE from us!! Hello!!!

A+ CAT Grade 12 pupil

Anonymous said...

Similar to complaints such as 'learners cannot read' or 'learners cannot write'
And what do we do? We move in the wrong direction - giving them less and expecting less, instead of giving them more and expecting more!
Everything is practise! If you do not practise it, you loose it!