Saturday, March 23, 2013

Stupid people I have met recently

Some Gr 12 learners handed in work. The files have their names in the file name. Two of them have exactly the same mistakes which mean that one learner must have given the files to the other learner. 
A teacher studying part-time for a post graduate degree submitted a file for examination. Three pages were in a style different to the rest of the document. A quick check on Google showed that the work had been copied exactly as it appeared online, without a reference. 
An editor of a xxxx journal had text copied exactly from a web page, without any credit to the original author or web page. 
What is wrong with these people? They can be regarded as stupid as their theft can so easily be checked in the digital world by looking at file properties and using Google. And copying is theft. And where is their morality? Is theft now normal?

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