Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gr 10 PAT - Phase 1

The learners had wonderful ideas for their celebrations and they enjoyed the planning stage. However many had difficulty doing the planning. I am a bit concerned about their information management skills. Below are some of my comments.

Read the rubric!
Check what you have written!
You were told to complete your own rubric and assess yourself!
Content of the planning document
Describe the document!
Are those really documents? - is a Theme a document? Is a Venue a document? Think!
HOW will a spreadsheet be used?
Do not just say Internet as a place to find information – give the exact URL!
Are those REALLY search or key words?
One learner told me how they will use a spreadsheet.
Layout of the planning document
The learners have the word processing skills.
Gathering information
The rubric indicated ‘Learner proved evidence of the information collected …’ Where is your evidence?
You were not asked to provide so much evidence! Wonderful! Did you use a whole toner cartridge?

This work is common sense work and should not be beyond the capacity of Grade 10 learners. I am not sure what happened to mine when they did this.

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