Saturday, October 13, 2007

Training of CAT teachers

I have had the pleasure of training the 2nd year teachers doing an ACE course in CAT at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) for the last 2 years. The second group of 10 teachers handed in their final work for the year yesterday! They worked so well. They had to do many activities from textbooks and then apply their skills in a CAT related scenario.

Here are the students, one partner and two lecturers celebrating! Four students did not manage to attend the celebration.

The group who graduated in 2006 focused on computer skills whereas this 2007 group focused on using the computer to solve a problem, i.e. ‘real’ CAT. I do accept that in training we have to change from a skills focus to a problem solving focus. I also realised the 2007 group did much much more work than the 2006 group. I also accept that we learn on the job at school and although one may be qualified, becoming a CAT teacher takes time.

There were no 1st year ACE CAT students at CPUT this year so there will be no newly qualified ACE teachers next year, although there will be teachers who have done the 4 year full time course. I do hope CPUT manage to get a large class of ACE CAT students for next year as I realise there is already a shortage of CAT teachers. I suspect there needs to be some bursaries to encourage teachers to do the course.

I must thank the authorities at CPUT for having given me the opportunity of teaching the ACE students as it has enabled me to grow and I have enjoyed it to so much.

PS An ACE course is a part time course for qualified teaches.

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JJ van Rensburg said...

Ek het pas die ACE-kursus voltooi. Baie dankie aan Pam wat ons soveel geleer het, nie net van die pakkete nie, maar ook oor die benadering tot die vak.