Monday, February 18, 2008

Gr 12 PAT

Please read this message aloud!
How do we do a PAT? First we read the instructions aloud to ourselves, once, twice, three and even four times. We underline problematic words. We talk to ourselves – what could it mean? We phone / visit and talk to other CAT teachers. All the words in the PAT are important and clear – perhaps we just need to learn to read.
We ignore the words in the English PAT of ‘problem’. (Ek weet nie wat in die Afrikaans staan nie.) Where ever we see the word ‘problem’ in the PAT we change it to plain English (plat Engels) of ‘what must we show or do’. We are going to show the management of the school how the Office suite can be used to organise / administer something!
To help the learners, look in the Gr 12 textbook, Pages 185-189. Let the learners do Activity 1 and 2. Activity 1 wants the learners to Read and rewrite the PAT instructions, and then add questions. You have a look at Activity 2. It should be better now.
Hope you read this message aloud! You did? Okay, now read it again! Now go and read the PAT instructions and rubric again. Phase 1 is simple if you read it aloud again and again and again.

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