Sunday, February 17, 2008

They know so much!

The Grade 11s do a section on networking. I know that this weekend many of my Grade 11 males are to be found at a LAN party in Milnerton. Look at Look at some of the Photos. Those learners know more about networking than I do! Next weekend some of them will also be at another LAN party at Bothasig at I have never seen so many computers in one room!
The Grade 11 book has a section on mobile learning so I told my learners to bring their phones to school so we could practically learn about sending files via Bluetooth, creating audio clips, taking videos and pictures, etc. They brought them to school but I was laughed at when I discussed ‘teaching’ it. They taught me! As Sive said, he has been using Bluetooth for 2 years, so … Well, using MMS and Bluetooth, they sent me music and video clips and I learned.

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