Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Gr 11 Integrated task 1

The learners need to be taught the difference between an Agenda and Minutes! In the Paired Reading task they cannot seem to get the difference!
I do recommned that learners are taught how to prepare an agenda so that they are able to realise that not all templates are correct and that they must evaluate them.
The templates and wizards in Word are much too involved and not of the level required.


Anonymous said...

Agenda and minutes
I did not experience this problem last year, but this year was a different story. Eventually a short agenda was compiled for a class meeting. They also do not seem to realise "who" they are. Do they represent "school student counsil" (not mentioned in activity) or biblionef or "paired reading"? Anyone but town council. Santjie

Anonymous said...

This could be a good opportunity to refer learners to Word's templates or wizards to look what an agenda looks like.

Anonymous said...

Agenda werk nie op al die rekenaars in klas nie. Biblionef Agenda kon nie gemaak word nie. Wat gebeur as dit in eksamen gevra word. Fakse het bv. oopgemaak.

Simone said...

Its the first time we are using your textbook and the Grade 11 teacher and I still pretty new to the subject. We are both finding it very overwhelming.

Do you have the answers to the multiple choice questions asked at the end of each chapter?

Anonymous said...


I believe the answers are on the teacher CD.