Monday, March 3, 2008

Gr 12 February test

Have a look at my Gr 12 February written test on Hardware, software and networks including trouble shooting with the Appendix. I set the test within a school environment. Many learners lost marks as they did not answer their questions within that environment!

Judy Louw kindly translated the tests! Hier is die vraestel and die bylaag!

(This test is based on the order of work from my education department melded with the textbook.)


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Pam! This is realy good! It gives me an indication of exactly WHAT operational knowledge is and an perspective of "end-user" context. I will try and set my own test now in a similar way.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Must say, I am also now starting to understand "operational knowledge" (=application of knowledge and skills in an end-user context - Am I right?)
What I like about this test is that is set in the same way the exemplar paper 2 is set.

Anonymous said...

is dit in afrikaans beskikbaar asb. wil dit vir hersiening gee.