Thursday, March 20, 2008

Front covers of textbook

In the past photographs of my learners were used on the front covers of the CAT textbooks. They were so thrilled and even now they ‘look’ at themselves on the front. Other kids ‘look’ at their friend’s pictures! It was so cool!
I am looking forward to seeing what pictures have been sent for the new front covers! Details of how to take them and submit them are on the web site. The date for submission has been extended to 18 April.
Look at some of my entries! A grade 10 learner at home, and her brother.

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Sandra said...

Thanks Pam, these photos look great!

I am looking for a nice 'mix' of photos including small groups of learners. The learners must look natural, not as if they are posing and I particularly like photos where the learners look 'involved' / interested / enthusiastic. Also remember to include photos with different kinds of technology - not just kids with cell phones. Have a look at our current covers and the photos that have been used in the books.

I'm looking forward to receiving many entries!