Friday, August 1, 2008

Selection of learners for CAT

CAT is one of the most important subjects for academic and economic success when a learner leaves school. We must give as many learners as possible the opportunity to study the subject.
IF the classes are over subscribed I recommend a skills test, based on and dependent on the opportunities the learners have had for skill development at your school in grades 8 and 9. I normally give my learners a ‘test’ of creating a PPT based on rather simple instructions. If they cannot read the instructions or cannot create / save the file on the network, then they do not get in. Long beforehand they are told they have to create a PPT. I assume that they can ask someone how to make a PPT if they have not made one in grade 8 and 9 classes. I selected a PPT as it is so simple to use. I expect them to be able to save on the network, especially if they have been at the school for 2 years – if they were interested in computers they should have gravitated to the computer lab and saved on the network.
Maybe in the future CAT will have restrictions based on language and maths ability, but I hope not.
I also give them a lecture about attending school on a regular basis when they do their subject choice. They also see me which may influence their subject choice. And if they did not bother to come for the PPT test, they did not even get onto the selection list.


Anonymous said...

Dear Pam
This is an interesting area of discussion, I've heard teachers talking about the quality of the learners they get etc. I think one of the issues is that some schools see CAT as a dumping ground for children who can't do this or that subject. I don't mind if I get the "not bright" learner, it's when I get learners who are not really interested in computers that the problems show.

Anonymous said...

Die kinders hou van die prakties, maar stel glad nie in die operasionele kennis belang nie. Dit is baie goed dat hulle al die verskillende pakkette leer. Probeer alreeds in gr. 8 en 9 rekenaargeletterd kry.

Dankie vir jou mening.