Tuesday, October 25, 2011

2011 Final matric exam Question 7 Access

In a previous posting I indicated that one should go over old examination papers before the big exams. I will now add go over old examinations papers in the venue which will be used for the examinations. Exams have to have questions on a specific set of skills so exam papers ask those skills. So those skills should be practised in the venue where the exam will be written to check if the computers ‘can’ answer the questions (as well as checking learners’ skills). Most computers centres have some or other feature which is unique to them and although they may be re imaged before an examination, I always suggest ‘use’ the centre, test it. And after this question, I suggest practicing mail merge with different versions of Access and your version of Word.
Have a look at how to solve the question.


Anonymous said...

Dankie Pam. Het weer iets geleer. Sal hierdie voorbeeld definitief volgende jaar met my leerders doen. Kobus

Anonymous said...

Majority of my learners knew to export query to Excel and use that data. ?? Do they still get marks for that?

Dr Pam Miller said...

Dear Anonymous - To answer your question about using Excel for the question, I do not know.
On the question paper it does not indicate how the marks are going to be allocated, so perhaps they will view it as a problem-solving question, and you will get marks if there was a mail merge, done any way.
I do not know.
On the mailing list I did see Mike Chiles asking for comments about the paper, - maybe someone commented to him, and those ideas fed into the memo. I certainly hope so.