Thursday, October 13, 2011

Guide to using Email

We teach such a useful subject! This week the local librarian was telling everybody about her fear of an assessment which she will be doing this week on Email. Mmmm – about not using capital letters for the whole email, how to reply, etc. I listened and tried not to brag about what a valuable subject we were teaching at school. Have a look at the file which I used at an adult course about email.

Here is part of the file

When to use

  1. When it is necessary to send information to many people
  2. When copy of instructions is needed by the receiver and the sender
  3. When sent to a distance and it is cheaper to communicate via e-mail than voice
  4. When unable to get the person in voice contact for time or distance reasons
  5. When sending a file attachment for perusal

When not to use

  1. When emotionally responding to a message
  2. When sending confidential information

Was the file/information useful?

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