Monday, November 14, 2011


I am amazed at how technology and the World Wide Web have changed our lives. We are now celebrating 20 years of Internet in South Africa.

I needed some particular files. I looked online, unsuccessfully. I asked for help on my Facebook page. A friend in New Zealand responded. I searched further. I contacted a firm in the US via email who recommended a software application. I went to that URL, ordered the application, paid via VISA, all on Friday 11 November. FedEx phoned me yesterday (Sunday) re paying VAT. I paid for it with Internet banking. The box was delivered this morning. Whole process took 3 days.

I am becoming used to this speed and efficiency!


Anonymous said...

Each day I become more aware of how much information is just a mouse click away. Amazing! Easy!
Whether it is a term or information on a topic - it is there! Even more exciting, it can be verified, and between various websites I gain a clear understanding and are able to write it in my own words - and I have learned!

idose said...

Yes with one click on internet you can interact with many people each corner in the world. You can gain countless knoledger. You can also gain many important knowledge